Greece Travel Article – Credit Cards & Travel Safety

Greece Travel Article –  “Greece Update From Gwen Mead”

Avenue of Lions on Delos Island, Greece
Avenue of Lions on Delos Island, Greece

I’ve just returned from a most fantastic visit to Greece – during the most economically challenged period in modern history, and I would return in a heartbeat! The beauty of the country has not been affected by the economic crisis. The landscape is just as beautiful as ever, the beaches just as relaxing, the sun just as warm, and the people just as wonderful. All the reasons you could ever think to visit Greece are still there unchanged.

Credit Cards and cash availability

For the US traveler – credit cards issued by U.S. banks work with no restrictions. Clients should be prepared to bring enough Euros to cover expenses should shops and restaurants, metro and ferries require cash payments and for tipping and emergencies. The ATM’s are offering U.S. travelers Euros and there are ample ATM’s to choose from. All of the ETE Collection members transact business in USD, so US issued credit cards will always be accepted. They all have contingency plans in place to have ample cash reserves to cover operating expenses and payments to suppliers, and cover commissions. It’s business as usual!

The Greek islands are maintaining their supplies in high quantities, so restaurants, bars, and car rentals still transact with credit cards and no issues are being faced. The ATM’s in the islands have no one waiting in lines and machines are full. All visitors to the islands are commenting that if they did not read the news, they would not have known any issues were occurring.

Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens Greece
Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens Greece
Are there any safety issues? Any danger of unrest?

Greece is quiet and peaceful and the people are still as warm and hospitable as ever.
The Greek people understand very well that tourists are helping Greece and their economy and they love the American visitor. Furthermore, the Greek islands have always been peaceful and the atmosphere has never been affected by what happens in the capital.

I observed a peaceful demonstration in Athens, with lots of whistle blowing and children and dogs participating. Most demonstrations are scheduled, so authorities know when they will occur. The Grande Bretagne and King George have the best security in the world and they excel at making the guest experience safe and enjoyable. They have contingency plans and back doors to enter/exit away from the square. Athenians still enjoy coffee in the cafes blocks away from the protesters. These are democratic demonstrations in support of or against policies of their own government, not tourists. I’ve seen the strategic areas where the press broadcast – and they maximize any opportunity to “make news”.

You make the memories, we’ll make the arrangements.

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  1. The VAT on yacht charters has increased as of July 20th, 2015.
    VAT changes in Greece

    According to the new Greek Law N.4334 (ΦΕΚ Α’ 80/16-07-2015) VAT is now 23% instead of 13%.

    The new rate of VAT is due for all charters executed in Greece from July 20th 2015 onwards, irrespective of the date the charter contract was signed. The new VAT rates are as follows:

    A. Charter duration of 3 days or more
    • Category I, vessels entitled to perform International cruises: Discount 60%, therefore the applicable VAT rate is 9,2% (instead of 5,2% previously)
    • Category II, vessels entitled to perform Long Range cruises within the Greek waters: Discount 50%, therefore the applicable VAT rate is 11,5% (instead of 6,5% previously)

    B. Charter duration up to 48 hours
    • There is no discount for cruises up to 48 hours, regardless of a vessel’s category, therefore full VAT of 23% is due (instead of 13% previously).

    Sailing the Greek Islands is a wonderful experience. Crews are hospitable, food is great and the waters are beautiful.

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