Sue Murphy

Sue Murphy

Every time Susan Murphy travels, she returns with a new perspective and amazing memories. This is what she wants to help her clients do as well. For Sue, travel makes life richer. Being able to arrange meaningful experiences for her clients is what she loves most about her job.

Originally from the East Coast, Sue now lives in Florida, just blocks from the beach. In the summer, she likes to journey northward and spend time in New Hampshire.  Sue brings her expertise in marketing, strategic planning, and operations to CKIM group.

Some of Sue’s recent travel destinations include Italy, Greece, France, Germany, and Turkey.  She recently returned from a Christmas market river cruise on the Danube. The journey started in Prague and ended in Budapest.  The Bavarian villages along the river with their idyllic Christmas markets were truly charming. Sue has great memories of sipping mulled wine while shopping for Christmas ornaments and trying local cuisine.

Sue loves organizing unique cruises, which offer a more intimate setting than larger ones. They also provide a more local experience, allowing you to feel immersed in the location and culture.

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