Avoiding Back Injury While Traveling

Tips for Avoiding Back Injury While Traveling

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Travel plans can mask the fact that travel itself can leave our backs – which often bear the brunt of heavy luggage, cramped transportation and unfamiliar beds – vulnerable to further injury, according to Daveed Frazier, MD, an orthopedic spine surgeon at Atlantic Spine Center. “Travel can be extraordinarily hard on the spine, something that may seem like an afterthought when we’re excitedly making plans for our summer vacation,” explains Frazier, who completed two spinal surgery fellowships and is a published author on spine disorders and treatment. “But between cumbersome bags, uncomfortable seats, and too-soft or -firm hotel mattresses, the very idea of travel can be daunting for those with pre-existing back or neck pain.” But injuring – or further injuring – your spine while on vacation doesn’t have to happen if common sense measures are taken before and during your trip, he says. Here’s what Frazier tells his patients about how to protect their backs while traveling.

Protect your back while lifting luggage

No matter where your travels take you, the one thing almost everyone needs to deal with is luggage. Beyond packing lightly, if possible, try to use luggage with wheels so you don’t need to strain your back to carry heavy bags. Other baggage-conscious tips include:
* Bending at the knees and using leg muscles to lift bags, rather than bending at the waist. * Avoiding twisting the lower back while lifting bags. * Distributing weight evenly on each side of the body. * Carrying shoulder bags on alternate shoulders for short periods of time to avoid stressing one side of the back. * Renting a pushcart to move through stations and airports. * Taking advantage of curbside check-in at the airport so you don’t have to handle the bags yourself.

Traveling doesn’t always involve airplanes or trains

Sometimes an old-fashioned road trip is the ticket to paradise. But whether you’re sitting for hours on planes, trains or automobiles, the mere fact that you’re sitting for long periods requires some forethought to prevent back pain. Here are some ideas to help with your pain. * Use a lumbar support pillow for your lower back, or rolling up a sweater or blanket in a pinch. * Use an inflatable travel pillow around the neck to avoid neck strain while resting or sleeping in a sitting position. * Align your back against the back of your seat, keeping shoulders straight, and avoiding hunching. * Getting up frequently and moving around. Sitting too long stiffens muscles and places stress on the spine. Once you reach your destination, you’ll also reach your new (temporary) sleeping spot, which likely involves an unfamiliar mattress. Frazier offers a simple back-friendly tip for this eventuality. “While you can’t bring your own mattress along on trips – wouldn’t that be wonderful? – you may be able to pack your own bed pillow,” Frazier notes. “This is a good idea, since we usually wear in our pillows in such a way that make them most comfortable for us, and familiar to our neck and back.”

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TSA ultimately plans to expand to more than 300 application centers across the country.

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