Bermuda – Cambridge Beaches report after the storm

Cambridge Beaches, Bermuda, September 20th 0930 hrs – Release by the Hon. M. Winfield, CEO & President, Cambridge Beaches

Contrary to some advance media reports that Bermuda was facing calamity, the Island has survived twenty plus hours of tropical storm winds, remarkably well. There are no reports of injuries on the Island at all. Unlike many other destinations, Bermuda’s buildings are built to very exacting standards enabling it to survive storms remarkably well.

Hurricane Igor’s closest point of approach to Bermuda was approximately 50 miles to our North West, on Sunday evening. Hurricane force winds were experienced for some 6-8 hours. By the time Igor encountered Bermuda, wind speeds had decreased to Category 1 intensity. Igor is now moving away to our North East. Because it is shifting to extra tropical characteristics, it is extending its wind fields meaning that we will continue to experience tropical force winds for some hours, probably into mid afternoon, Monday. All efforts will now be focused on returning electrical power and on clean up, with the assistance of the Bermuda Regiment.

The main impact on Bermuda would appear to be loss of electrical power with some 80% of households without power at one point. Power is now being restored quickly. Cambridge Beaches never lost electrical power.

Cambridge Beaches management team had put its Hurricane Procedures in place some 96 hours in advance. This meant that there was a great deal of behind the scenes work going on ensuring that we had the necessary supplies to host, feed and serve beverages to our guests and that we had a full activity plan in place so that guests would have lots to do throughout the bad weather.

Understandably, some outlets were closed during the storm, but all meals were served, albeit with dinner service being early as we wanted guests to return to their cottages before the worst of the winds last night.  Guests are now enjoying normal breakfast. There were no injuries whatsoever.

The activities culminated last night in the famous Dark N’ Stormy party, involving Black Rum and Ginger Beer and we believe guest retired for the night in good spirits!

Cambridge Beaches has sustained minimal damage on only one of its four beaches. We do have some uninvited guests in the form of a few boats washed onto our beaches. We did see some minor damage to the Morning Beach deck and a few tiles damaged. We have lost a few air-conditioning units which are now being repaired or will be replaced asap. There is obviously a fair amount of horticultural debris which is being cleared this morning and we would hope, that by this afternoon, most areas will be, our usual, clean and tidy. Cambridge is fully operational.

Weather forecasts show Bermuda enjoying sun and light breezes during the coming week and we are ready to welcome guests as they arrive.


Michael J. Winfield