Destination Weddings – Riviera Maya

We just visited the El Dorado and Azul Resorts in Riviera Maya where Destination Weddings are their specialty.

In addition to fully customized weddings the following Enhancements are now in place to further make your day even more special:

Bride’s personal wedding attendant
For a total of three hours prior to the start of the ceremony the bride will have her own personal attendant to act as the go to person for any her needs and help prepare for her special day!

Groom’s Room
A separate room for the Groom and his buddies! This room, just for the men, will be filled with gourmet bites and specialty drinks for the groom to relax on the day of the wedding!

Wedding Concierge
The wedding concierge will not only help with the bride’s every need, but also any special request or service needed by the entire wedding party! The wedding concierge will assist the wedding party before, during and after the stay!

Bridal Suite complete with wedding mannequin
In this beautifully designed suite the bride can get ready and relax without any interruptions. Each suite is now equipped with a life size mannequin. Your dress will hang perfectly, wrinkle free and you can ensure that your fiancé won’t get a sneak peak!

Contact Karin Patrick at 321.777.1707 when planning your Destination Wedding in the Caribbean.

We also do Destination Weddings on Yachts in the Caribbean.