Expedition Cruises | Overview



Expedition Cruises | Overview

An Expedition cruise is a taste of exploration and adventure in off-the-beaten-path places. …

While many of the cruise lines have one or two ships and a few choices of Expedition Cruises and some have what are called Enrichment Cruises there are a few lines that are primarily expedition cruise lines.  Their focus is on the experience and they want the experience to be different from the norm.

Expedition Cruise Companies include Lindblad, Hurtigruten, Polar Cruises, International Expeditions and Quark. There are others, but these will give you an idea of this genre of cruising.



This not an ordinary cruise line, and that is why the experience is so unique. These cruise ships also double as ferries, shuttling locals and supplies between towns just as it’s been done for decades along the coast of Norway.

Hurtigruten also does Expedition or Explorer cruises to many destinations all over the world.  Each of these cruises will have an Expedition Team.  These teams have experts in marine biology, arctic survival, oceanography, photography, and more on board to help make your journey an unforgettable experience. They are teachers and adventurers and they are your hosts who create a relaxed and educational atmosphere.

International Expeditions

This company is well known for the many adventure tours that they organize.  They also have Expedition Cruise Vessels.  The destinations for these small ship itineraries are:  The Amazon, Antarctica, Iceland, Galapagos, Costa Rica and India.

When you travel with International you are with pioneers in ecotourism. International Expeditions shows you some of the most remarkable places in the world. They do so in a way that’s as enriching as they can make it so that while you learn, you’ll also have a lot of fun and laughter



Lindblad Expeditions cruise destinations explore some of the most beautiful and fascinating places on Earth. They have been going to these destinations for decades, and the experienced and renowned staff ensure the adventure of a lifetime. These are active adventures, engaging the mind and body. Explore by Zodiac, kayak, or on foot. Travel by ship to remote beaches and hidden coves then go farther and get closer to nature, wildlife, and intriguing cultures.

Lindblad is the company that National Geographic partners with for its curated voyages and many of the ships carry the National Geographic name.


Quark Expeditions offers Polar Region expeditions aboard purpose-built expedition ships and icebreakers and on land-based trips.  Since its founding in 1991 Quark has established itself as a company proud to be the first to accomplish Polar events.

They offer 12 different trips to Antarctica and 10 to the Arctic.  The trips vary in length from 8 to 23 days so that they can accommodate most people’s available travel time.  Quark offers an Antarctic itinerary that does not include sailing across the Drake Passage and they even have a few itineraries that include the Antarctic Circle.

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