River Cruises | Frequently asked questions



River Cruise | Frequently asked questions

What is River Cruising?

It is traveling on boats that hold from 100 to 200 passengers on rivers from city to city with an excursion in each port.  The locks and bridges determine the route and size of the ships.


What amenities are there on river cruise boats?

The standard amenities are the restaurant, bar, lounge and a sky deck.  The sky deck may have a whirlpool and some deck games. There is usually a library, a small store, and an internet center.

There may also be a small fitness center, hair salon, and masseuse.

Some boats now have one or more alternative dining rooms


What are the cabins like?

Cabins on river cruise boats have become larger and better appointed as river cruising has become more popular.  Lower deck cabins have been reconfigured with a more spacious feeling.  There is still not an excess of storage space.

The cabins generally come outfitted with TVs, safes, bathrobes, and slippers, desks and increasingly more have sliding doors and French balconies. There are also higher numbers of larger suites being built on river cruise ships some of these have actual balconies.


What is there to do on a river cruise?

The main purpose for river cruising is to tour the various towns, cities, and ports along the way. There is a fair amount of walking on river cruising during informative walking tours. There is often free time to roam the port towns as well. Often, the boat is docked within walking distance of the town.  If not shuttle service is usually available.

Your tour director will give you informational talks about the next port.

You may be offered bicycles either regular or electric for you to use for independent exploring. Some cruise lines offer options for more active travelers, for example golfing or biking tours.



What will my fellow passengers be like?

Most river cruisers are baby boomers or mature travelers.  Unless the cruise is a special one designed for families you will rarely see young people on a river cruise boat


What shall I pack for my river cruise?

Pack light and pack layers.  Pack comfortable walking shoes.  Country club casual is fine for dinner.  You may also want a fold up poncho or umbrella.

Can I river cruise if I have physical challenges and mobility issues?

River cruises are not recommended for everyone, especially for those who have physical challenges and would rather not deal with some of the obstacles. However, if you are willing to look beyond the challenges you might encounter in preparation of and during your trip, then absolutely, yes, go for it. Even though you might be somewhat limited, you will still be able to cruise along the river through the heart of many cities, enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, and savor the many regional dishes served onboard the ship.


Please remember that the Americans with Disabilities Act does not apply in other countries.  Many of the ports you will stop at, and the tours held in those ports involve a lot of walking and much of that walking is done on cobblestone streets and involve steps.  Also, depending on the depth of the river getting on and off the boat can present a challenge.

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