Tauck is an American Company that started with a North Eastern Road tour in 1925. They expanded into River cruising in 1992

Tauck delivers life-enriching travel experiences to every corner of the globe, incorporating small cruise ships, premium riverboats, trains, helicopters and more… plus exclusive content through ongoing partnerships with filmmaker Ken Burns and BBC Earth.

Tauck explores Europe’s great rivers in custom-designed riverboats  that are spacious and comfortable, Tauck Cruises are  all-inclusive  featuring personalized cruising enhanced by  access to exclusive cultural experiences on included excursions ashore, ensuring experiences as memorable as the places you visit… not simply what other travelers see and do. Tauck also features special Solo Traveler Savings on all of their river cruises; have a special program for group travel; and are the only river cruise line with dedicated multigenerational family cruises. Every Tauck Riverboat has a Cruise Director and 3 Tour Directors.  The Tour Directors travel with each Tour Bus or Tour Group.

Tauck River Boats have from 98 to 130 passengers and generous sized cabins. Food is well prepared, and they are happy to provide for individual dining requests.

Tauck has some of the highest repeat business in the industry and so may not be as well-known as some of the others.

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