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North America Yacht Charters

There is an incredible variety of yachting destinations in North America. From the the dramatic landscape of Alaska to the sun-drenched beaches of Cancun, there are many great North America yacht charters to uncover.

The size of the United States makes it a wonderful yachting destination no matter what season you travel. The summer months are ideal in Alaska, Pacific Northwest, and New England, while the winter is an excellent time to sail in Florida. Another year-round destination is the United States’ southern neighbor, Mexico. With the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, there are many top spots to soak up the sun and sand.


Remote and beautiful, Alaska is a feast for your senses. See sparkling glaciers, wildlife such as bears, wolves, and whales, hike through fragrant forests, taste freshly-caught wild salmon. Alaska provides an incredible backdrop for not only adventure seekers, but also for budding photographers and videographers. Capture the contrasting landscapes against the icy waters, or perhaps a bear stopping for a snack. Wake up to bald eagles soaring above your yacht’s balcony, and whales gliding below the water’s surface. For more elevated views, take a hike in Glacier National Park or ride the Goldbelt Gondola high above Juneau.


There’s a reason why Fort Lauderdale is called the Yachting Capital of the World. In fact, it has over 300 miles of inland waterways. But this south Florida city isn’t the only Florida yachting destination. Miles of scenic coastline include Jacksonville, Miami, Key West, Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota, and Tampa.

Florida Keys

A North America yacht charter in the Florida Keys will leave you feeling calm, cool, and relaxed. The colorful, and cheerful atmosphere of the 125 miles of islands evoke a laid back spirit and tons of activities to get you on and in the water. Choose from kiteboarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, to name a few. World-class fishing can also be found off the eastern shores of the keys. If you love dolphins as much as most yachters, don’t miss the Dolphin Research Center in Vaca Key.

Gulf Coast

Far from the glitz and glamour of Miami sit picturesque islands off of Florida’s Gulf Coast. Isolated and empty beaches await sunbathers after a long day of exploring the numerous aquatic parks, including Pine Island Sound Aquatic Preserve. Instead, take your charter north, towards the more lively scenes of Siesta Key and Sarasota. Or, venture to St. Petersburg and Tampa to explore the white sandy beaches, and cuisine of this beautiful and more peaceful side of Florida.

New England

New England practically overflows with culture, charm, and diversity. Places such as Newport, Rhode Island, Cape Cod, and Martha’s Vineyard have a long maritime history. Our North America yacht charters to New England will surely give you a new appreciation of this historic corner of the U.S.


Synonymous with lobsters, Maine is one of the quintessential North America yacht charters perfect for a summer holiday. Head to Portland where you can walk the historic streets, visit quaint museums and of course try their delicious fresh lobsters. Bar Harbor and Camden are two spots to anchor on your charter, especially if you’d like to hike the nearby mountain peaks. Countless islands line the thousands of miles of coastline, dotted with quaint towns and bursting with history.

Rhode Island & Massachusetts

From waterfront mansions to lovely beaches, Newport, Rhode Island has it all. This bustling town comes alive in the summer and should not be missed while traversing the shores of Rhode Island’s tiny coastline. Cruise Narragansett bay, photographing the charming lighthouses and making a stop at Beavertail State Park. Combined with the gorgeous beaches and coastline of Cape Cod, this small slice of New England packs a very big punch.

Just north of Rhode Island, sail to Martha’s Vineyard for elegant seaside cafes, hiking trails and the lively port of Edgartown. Across the Sound, visit Nantucket, a former whaling island turned summer retreat.

Pacific Northwest

Seattle Washington’s Puget Sound is the quintessential sailing destination. With a long marine history, the vast network of waterways and marine life comprise an intriguing corner of the United States. You can fish, kayak or seek out good wind conditions for superior sailing. Bordering Canada, the 400+ island San Juan archipelago is home to whales, and serene channels perfect for navigating. Ashore, historic monuments, museums and lighthouses will also satisfy your curiosity.


Baja California Peninsula.

This peninsula in Northwestern Mexico separates the Pacific Ocean from the Gulf of California. The peninsula extends 1,247 km from Mexicali, Baja California in the north to Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur in the south. Hike the beach, snorkel the rocky shoreline, or swim with sea lions. Los Islotes, El Bajito, and Isla San Francesco are just a few of the places to visit here.


A city on the Yucatán Peninsula bordering the Caribbean Sea. Experience the cultural and historical attractions, relax on a white-sandy beach, swim in warm turquoise waters.