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Central America Yacht Charters

Costa Rica, Belize and Panama are countries we love for sailing. Your travel should be both comfortable and enriching. That is why we custom design each of our itineraries to cater to your preferences and desires.

At the crossroads of North and South America lie small countries with grand attractions. In Central America, you will find unique curiosities both offshore in the depths of the ocean, as well as on these ancient land. Our Central America yacht charters are great choices for families, couples and water sports enthusiasts. 

Costa Rica 

Wild jungles meet beautiful beaches in the small nation of Costa Rica. Costa Rica’s enviable position between the mighty Pacific Ocean and the calm Caribbean provides visitors with beautiful landscapes, including volcanos and mountains for hiking and wild islands for snorkeling.  Top spots to visit include swimming around Tortuga Island, fishing in Jaco and stopping in Drake Bay to explore intriguing coves and lagoons. 


Sail to Belize for some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving along the Western hemisphere’s largest barrier reef. Rare and exotic fish, turtles, sharks and more marine life can be found up and down the long stretch of coastline.  South of Belize City you’ll find hundreds of Caye’s along the protected reef area, including the Gladden Spit Preserve. Even farther south, visit Silk Caye National park and Placencia for incredible marine life. Of course, a yacht trip to Belize wouldn’t be complete without day excursions to the Mayan Temples, close to Belize City. Top spots include Caracol and Altun Ha. Belize is an extraordinary choice amongst our Central America yacht charters.


If you’re looking to explore unspoiled nature and indigenous cultures, then a Panama yacht charter is right for you. The Panama Canal cuts through its center, linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The capital, Panama City, has modern skyscrapers, casinos, and nightclubs, while the coast boast beautiful natural parks.

The protected islands, known as the San Blas archipelago sit off the east coast of Chagres National Park and are still inhabited by a local tribe, called Guna. The perfect place to relax, the islands are undeveloped, serene and full of remote inlets and beaches.  Scuba and snorkelers must check head to the Holandes Reef, a gorgeous spot for seeing turtles and exotic fish. Peruse nearby small islands like Dog Island GunaYala, and you’ll think you’ve actually sailed to Fiji.  Alternatively, choose to spend time in Panama City and charter in the Gulf of Panama’s Pearl Islands.

From high adventure to maximum relaxation, CKIM Yacht Charter Brokers will design the perfect trip. Contact or call (321) 777-1707 for more information on Central American Yacht Charters.