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South Pacific Yacht Charters

CKIM Group will help you find top luxury destinations in the South Pacific, rated and reviewed by travel connoisseurs just like you. A getaway, in every sense of the word, will be had with all South Pacific yacht charters. Gorgeous waters surround remote groups of islands, while adventure awaits you along the shores of New Zealand and Australia. 

Tahiti Yacht Charters

Tahiti is bound to stun you with stunning and diverse natural beauty. While many are familiar with exotic beaches of Bora Bora, Tahiti offers volcanic peaks, waterfalls, mountains and rainforests too. Whether you go for a relaxing honeymoon, or a scuba adventure, Tahiti’s Polynesian culture will enchant and welcome you. Without the crowds of other popular yachting destinations, you can enjoy quiet beaches, tropical rainforests and friendly hospitality in French Polynesia.

Solomon & Cook Islands Yacht Charters

The Solomon and Cook Islands are two more excellent choices for a South Pacific Yacht Charter. Novice and skilled fishermen will be enamored by the sport fishing, while hikers can spend days traversing the many trails of the Solomon Islands. Most interestingly perhaps, are the WWII artifacts hiding amongst the area’s sharks, turtles and sealife. This of course means phenomenal scuba diving experiences. 

The Cook Islands offer more distinct experiences you can take advantage of on your private yacht charter. Explore underwater caves, or go paddleboarding in the lagoons. Another great way to see the islands is on two wheels. Rent a bike and traverse Aitukai, before indulging in local cuisine. 

For more adventure, sail to New Caledonia for a contrasting mix of European and South Pacific cultures.  Presently a French territory off the east coast of Australia, it retains former British influence as well. Fortunately, many indigenous cultures and customs live on, coexisting with the official French language and French cuisine. While there’s much to explore in the coastal towns of Grand Terre island, you must not miss Mont-Dore. This 800m tall mountain divides the main island and serves as an extraordinary playground for hikers. 

Fiji Yacht Charters

Rounding out the islands of the South Pacific is non other than Fiji. The 300 islands boast clear waters giving way to vibrant coral reefs, shipwrecks and marine life. With many islands in close proximity, Fiji is also a great place to island hop. Sail to the Mamanuca Islands for private sunbathing, then venture out on a fishing journey. Even more special are the Fijian people, who are as warm and welcoming as their islands. 

Australia & New Zealand Yacht Charters

If you’re looking for large scale adventure, choose Australia or New Zealand for your next South Pacific yacht charter. Australia is home to the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Islands, with some of the most incredible white sand beaches in the world. Sydney is also a perfect charter stop, with a vibrant harbor and endless things to see and do.  New Zealand’s north island is a sailor’s paradise, and wine lovers dream. Head to the Bay of Islands to explore natural parks, Maine like and hiking trails. Or, sail to islands off the coast of Auckland for a vineyard visit unlike any other. 

From high adventure to maximum relaxation, CKIM travel professionals will design the perfect trip based on your preferences. Contact or call at (321) 777-1707 for more information on South Pacific yacht charters.