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CKIM Group, Inc., is a luxury travel agency specializing in luxury villa. resort and yacht vacations around the world.

  • Exotic Destinations
    Vacations by CKIM Group are travel agents specialist arranging customized vacations around the world. We will arrange for you a sailing vacation in the Caribbean, a safari in Africa or India, a private Alaska tour, or a wilderness retreat in Costa Rica. – read more
  • Luxury Resorts
    You are looking for the ideal resort in the ideal destination with the activities, amenities and accommodations and atmosphere of your preference. We will listen to you and work to find the resort of your dreams. – read more
  • Yacht Charters
    Let us help you discover one of the world’s best-kept travel secrets–yacht chartering! Why is chartering a private yacht better than a vacation at a resort? Why is chartering a private – read more
  • Specialty Travel
    Raft the Ewaso Nyiro river, bike through the vineyards, or see the US Open from the very first row. With our Special-Interest Experience packages, enjoy truly unique and memorable – read more
  • Luxury Cruises
    You may wish to cruise the world or the Caribbean or to take a European River cruise in Germany or France. CKIM works with the leading cruise lines of the world. Let us know your preference – read more
  • Destination Spotlight-KenyaDestination Spotlight – Kenya. Kenya is synonymous with safaris. You can trek to areas like the Rift Valley and search for the “big five,” following it up with sundowners at a scenic overlook next to your base camp. But hippos, giraffes, and the like are also just a cab or bus ride away from the capital city at Nairobi National Park. Another must-see animal attraction is the annual wildebeest migration, in which hordes of the beasts slog across the Serengeti to the Masai Mara. – read more
  • Croatia
    Trending In Europe – Croatia. Since joining the EU and appearing in scenes from “Game of Thrones,” Croatia has been basking in the spotlight. Walk along Dubrovnik’s city walls, overlooking the sapphire blue Adriatic. In seaside Split, wander the ancient Roman streets of Diocletian’s Palace, dating to 300 AD. Head to the Istrian Peninsula for more beaches, fishing villages, vineyards – read more
    Turks and Caicos
    Trending In The Caribbean – Turks And Caicos. Say I scuba-“do” to a dive along one of the world’s longest barrier reefs and a mile-high underwater wall off the coast of the Turks and Caicos, a chain of 40 islands and cays in the aquamarine Caribbean. For a tamer experience, explore snorkel trails along Smith’s Reef and Bight Reef. Witness a nighttime mating ritual courtesy of – read more
    Great Wall of China sunrise
    Trending In Asia – China. It’s hard to conceptualize the travel benefits of China in this small of a space — the country is so vast, and parts can be so different, that seeing it all is virtually impossible. The Great Wall is a traditional stop, yes, as are the Forbidden City and Potala Palace. This is definitely a country where working closely with an advisor is to your great benefit. – read more