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British Virgin Islands

Fondly known as the “BVI” and also known internationally as the “yacht charter capital”, the British Virgin Islands are a sailors’ paradise, with 60 plus islands and cays. Yacht chartering in the BVI is to enjoy the Caribbean complimented by excellent marinas, restaurants, and anchorages. Hiking trails, day spas and dive shops all within easy reach in a protected sailing environment.

  • The islands form a necklace of islands and cays strung along Sir Francis Drake Channel between Puerto Rico and St. Kitts. Sailing is line of sight on most occasions within this necklace of islands with the option to enjoy the open ocean if one chooses. This fact makes it a very popular yacht charter destination for many beginners who get to enjoy the sailing experience combined with great beaches, snorkeling, kiteboarding and scuba diving. Many of the islands are rich with indigenous fauna, including red-legged tortoises and giant iguanas on Anegada.


    Everywhere you go in the British Virgin Islands, the sea is calling to you. It is an ocean of adventure to experience, and your constant traveling companion. Whether you’re descending the ocean depths to explore a century-old shipwreck, snorkeling the abundant reefs, deep sea fishing, or simply soaking in the radiant sun and wide skies, the British Virgin Islands has a secret to share.

    Palm-fringed white sand beaches, turquoise waters and friendly, warm-hearted people throughout these sixty idyllic islands. The best way to experience the heart of the British Virgin Islands is to do so by yacht, either on a bareboat or crewed yacht charter, arranged by BVI & Caribbean yacht charters.

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